Thursday, January 8, 2009

Philippians 4:11

"I have learned, with whatsoever state I am in, therwith to be content."

It was a warm spring morning the flowers were in bloom. I was in a meadow surrounded by millions of daffodils. Everywhere I looked the gorgeous yellow flowers engulfed me. There aroma filled my senses with pleasure. There was so much beauty as far as the eye could see. For days I would be alone dancing and twirling. I was so happy and free. Not one chain tied me down to anything. I was at perfect peace and felt true joy and I was alone, it was just me.

The Lord saw my lonliness and brought to me some friends. We danced and laughed with endless energy. I was so content in these new found friendships. After awhile though I became saddened thinking there must be more outside of this meadow. There is a whole world for me to see. Do I dare to venture out of the complete safety and happiness of my meadow?

How many times I have been down that road. God brings to this amazing place, but I see something the world has to offer so instead of finding contentment within Him I decide to go on an adventure of my own. Within His arms I find everything I need to live a prosperous life, but sometimes its so easy to get off track when you are surrounded by so much sin that seems so satisfying at the moment. Until I actually began to write this blog did I realize what the vision I had this morning meant.

As you may have noticed already, the Lord speaks to me through visions. He sends me to these places that feel so real its almost as if I were there. Through them He has taught me so many things, on this particular day He is teaching me contentment which goes hand in hand with thankfulness and trust.

How many times do we see something we want, but God hasn't chosen for us? How many times do we get so wrapped up in whom everyone else wants us to be that we don't see the person God made us to be? If we could just be content with everything God has placed in our lives we will get bigger and better things. Contentment isn't just about finding peace admist a hard time. Its about trusting God knows what He is doing and thanking Him for placing us where we are in life today.

I have waited and waited and waited for something all of my life and I beginning to finally taste its goodness. I have prayed every night for nearly fifteen years for this and although I am still waiting for it to come to pass completely my fleshly mind decides now its not good enough. I battle everyday to be content with where God has me and everyday Satan tries to fight back. Everytime Satan tries to find another way to off set me, I find peace in God's word. I believe that if I hadn't gotten so off track and endulged in worldly pleasures, I would have already completely grasped the thing I have waited for for so long. But because of everything I went through and put myself through I am everyday more thankful for this gift God has given me.

Give thanks to God in everything for its within a greatful heart that you find contentment even in the worst of situations. Trust God, He always has your back even before you begin to fall!

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